Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wiped Out

Aye, aye, aye what a week! Two days of PD, two days of firsties and now carayzeeeee weather. My power has gone out twice so far and now we have a tornado watch in the Northeast. Aye dios mio or OMG in English!

My class is very sweet and all about the talking. Thank goodness I found a great pin on Pinterest with visuals of the voice levels. Voice Level Chart Yes it worked on day 2...well that and a few seat changes.

Then we had a visit from the Gingerbread Man who got loose in our school. (Thanks to my teacher partner, Cathy).

Woohoo we had a great time. So next week our classy buddy, Chippy Chimpanzee, will make a visit. More on him later.

After thinking about my sweet group. I realized that 80% percent of my class is comprised of second language learners. You could say I have the UN in my class. They come from the US, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico which is pretty standard for us. But this year I also have Sweden, Africa, England, Russia, Korean/Japanese and Indian represented in my class. I'm already thinking about ways to celebrate all of their cultures.

Oh my its getting dark out there again. Signing off till later. I'm feeling a bit like Dorothy right now.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Currently in September Link Up

I am joining Farley's Currently in September Link Up. 

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Labor Day Freebies

Hola Friends! Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weekend. I can't believe it is time to go back to school. Yeah I know some of you started weeks ago but remember here in the Northeast we finished school in late June. So about this time my nerdy school self comes out. You know what I mean who doesn't love to decorate their classrooms and I love, love, love a brand new bouquet of sharpened pencils.

I have been busy making new centers for the kiddos. We are starting a new math program Envision. Any one out there using it please give a shout out. I have a million questions. Guess I'm jumping or rather diving into it this week (sans PD). Hmmmm!

We also dropped our girl (she's 21 but still our lil' girl) off at school for senior year. Geez time goes by fast. She is living in an amazing townhouse on campus facing the golf course. (Yeah you read that right). We call it College Country Club. All kidding aside her university has been a great place for her to grow and find herself. She has had amazing opportunities!

Here are my latest freebies. Grab them at my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop. Enjoy them and have a wonderful Back to School. Stay posted for my shapes and autumn words file folders coming soon.

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