Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday What?

I love to teach writing. During a formal observation one day a student said, " I love writing!" Unprompted of course : ) it made me feel great. Sometimes I'll take a step back and observe students writing, thinking, sharing and it just gives me goosebumps. 

See File Folders on the right in black box.
Tools, tools, tools are key to helping all students feel successful when they write. Large, primary dictionaries can be over-whelming for young students and second language learners. So I have been using my desk to desk file folder word walls for many years. Students pick them up in the writing center and use them at their desks. Each file folder is a theme: Fall, Halloween etc... They love it and it builds writing independence. 

My freebie today for my blog friends are visual direction cards. These are easy to use and make. I use them while giving directions (especially for all of those fun craftivities we make). After giving directions I hang them on the whiteboard for students to refer to during the craft. 

Visit my TPT store for this FREEBIE and file folders. Come back for more visual materials to support all students in your classroom from K-2 and second language learners. 

Happy weekend! Link Up to the Friday What Blog Hop!

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